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I.E.R., LLC. Established in 2007 offers behavioral management consultants who are seasoned clinicians, mentors, role models, therapist, and professionals etc., that promote behavioral change through the recognition that individuals have an innate desire to survive and overcome life’s obstacles in the anticipation that their condition will improve.

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How Effective Are Our Services?

American Health Magazine Compared Different
Types Of Therapy And Found:
Clinical mentoring
Urban life coaching

50% Improved after
5 Sessions

75% Improvement in grades, attitudes, and behavior after
20 Sessions

93% Recovery after
6 Sessions

80% Improve after only
10 sessions

Mr. Ingram has been an instrumental figure in the life of my children. His company has provided quality mentors and therapist who have made a noticeable difference how my kids respond to conflict and each other.

Ms. Y. Jones- Mays

Mr. Ingram’s work with me has been very effective, he has helped me get through problems I had with my mother and has helped me get things off my chest. 

Ms. T. Bridges

I have been thinking about sending you a quick thank you for your Thanksgiving basket but I just can’t quite put my thoughts into words. This was the most “kindness” experience my family and I received this year. Yes, all year!

Wendi Adams

It with great joy that I can submit a testimonial for I.E.R. Mr. Ingram and his team has been very supportive of me and my children.

Ms. Cook

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