About Us


I.E.R., is a client centered agency whose goal is to provide strength based clinical interventions, ethical practices, and transparency in a manner that targets the individual’s intrinsic desire to reach their full potential.     


I.E.R.’ s mission is to impart in each individual, family, and community the belief that success and stability is attainable, sustainable, and within their grasp once faith in self is restored and hope is renewed thus strengthening individual spirits, families, and communities one at a time.


Established in 2007 offers behavioral management consultants who are seasoned clinicians, mentors, role models, therapist, and professionals etc., that promote behavioral change through the recognition that individuals have an innate desire to survive and overcome life’s obstacles in the anticipation that their condition will improve.


Our passion for change was developed through years of experience in Clinical Practice, Subject Matter Trainings, and Ongoing Education in the Behavioral Health, Child Welfare, Criminal Justice, and Addiction Field’s.  It is our belief that our experiences translate into high fidelity approaches to treatment thus culminating in a best practice approach to service delivery and patient care.

Meet the CEO



Gregory Ingram is a native Washingtonian who was reared in the Historic Shaw Neighborhood. He was educated in the District of Columbia Public School System. He went on to earn a Bachelor’s of Social Work Degree from the University of the District of Columbia and a Masters of Social Work Degree from Howard University. He is a licensed Clinical Social Worker in the District of Columbia and the State of Maryland.  Additionally, he has over 1000 hours or trauma training and treatment throughout the United States and in Cape Town South Africa. Mr. Ingram is a Licensed Master Addiction Counselor, Certified Trauma Therapist as well as a Certified Brief Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. He has worked as a Social Worker at Child and Family Services, PSI Family Services, the Maryland Department of Human Services, and Health Services for Children with Special Needs to name a few. He has also, worked in collaboration with the Department of Behavioral Health, Department of Human Services, DYRS, and a host of other core service agencies in the District of Columbia. He has been in private practice in the Washington Metro Area for the last 15 years treating couples, families, and individuals with a host of clinical presentations. He has also worked with the adults with persistent and pervasive behavioral health disorders, Service Disabled Veterans, and the chronically criminally motivated.  He is well versed in the emotional deprivation found in children and families who have been neglected, disadvantaged, and or underserved. He is also well versed in Juvenile Justice Matters and the cognitive distortions that are prevalent in our inner-city youth who often make poor choices when faced with internal and external pressures.


Can provide support, problem-solving skills, and enhanced coping strategies for issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship troubles, unresolved childhood issues, grief, stress management, body image issues and creative blocks. Many people also find that counselors can be a tremendous asset to managing personal growth, interpersonal relationships, family concerns, marriage issues, and the hassles of daily life. Therapists can provide a fresh perspective on a difficult problem or point you in the direction of a solution. The benefits you obtain from therapy depend on how well you use the process and put into practice what you learn. Some of the benefits available from therapy include: Healing from relational abuse, childhood treatment, or a traumatic event.

Our Mentors Have the Following Qualities

  • Demonstrate an ability to share knowledge, skills and experience with the consumer;
  • Listens well; Recognize and encourages excellence in others;
  • Be sensitive to the needs of others;
  • Offer support, patience, and enthusiasm;
  • Expose the consumer to new ideas, perspectives, and standards;
  • Apply ethical principles in all facets of mentoring; Display a genuine interest in the success of consumers;
  • Demonstrate tolerance and an understanding of cultural diversity.
  • Serve as role models to consumers by providing support and information;
  • Possess a positive attitude;
  • Must be mature, responsible, and trustworthy;


It with great joy that I can submit a testimonial for I.E.R. Mr. Ingram and his team has been very supportive of me and my children. They have responded to several crisis and have supported me personally during medical challenges and when I did not think I could tolerate the stress of being a single parent any longer. In fact, one of Mr. Ingram’s staff transported me, sat with me, and spoke for me at the hospital during an emergency following a home visit to see my child. I can say without any doubt that Ms. Richmond help to save my life that day because I initial did not want to go to the hospital.


Ms. Cook

Mr. Ingram has been an instrumental figure in the life of my children. His company has provided quality mentors and therapist who have made a noticeable difference how my kids respond to conflict and each other. In his brochure he states that were in this together a slogan that is a true today as it was at the time my family first counted on him to deliver food to my family during a very trying time in our lives. Mr. Ingram I will be forever thankful for your assistance.


Ms. Y. Jones- Mays

I have been thinking about sending you a quick thank you for your Thanksgiving basket but I just can’t quite put my thoughts into words. This was the most “kindness” experience my family and I received this year. Yes, all year! We have been struggling this year with finances and my son’s disruptive behavior has not helped the situation. Since being introduced to your agency, we have received nothing but sincere kindness and support. I want to take this time to show our appreciation; my son is beginning to show real progress at home and in school. He is learning to control his rage by communicating his feelings and listening to others when they speak. This is something that I, as a parent, couldn’t be me grateful for. Thank you Gregory, for everything you did and do to make things happen for the better.


Wendi Adams

Mr. Ingram’s work with me has been very effective, he has helped me get through problems I had with my mother and has helped me get things off my chest. He has been a constant in the life of my son and has helped him become less introverted and verbal when he is struggling with negotiating life without a constant father figure.


Ms. T. Bridges